Meetings, Craft Nights, Practices

There are various activities that take place at the local level that help to create the culture of the SCA. These activities happen at regular meetings, at craft nights – useful if you need more space or help from others, and at the various types of fight practices.

Our weekly meetings during the school year…

During the Ohio University semesters, regular meetings are held on Tuesdays from 8pm to 10pm. Because we utilize University resources, our room assignment tends to change from semester to semester. It is through our liaison with the student group Ohio University Medieval Society, that we are able to obtain the use of a classroom or lecture hall. Watch the main page for the announcement of where our meeting will be located during the school year.

Our Craft Nights…

During the school year, a number of our members meet up for craft nights on Thursday nights from 7pm to 10 pm, every other week. While the location of our craft nights are subject to change, based on University scheduling, they are generally held in Grover 109W.

Come work on projects, talk to people about projects, or just be social! Generally, a sewing machine or other tools are brought by members who have them to spare and are willing to bring them to help others.

Our Our weekly fighter practices – during the school year…

During Ohio University semesters, fighter practices are held on Sundays from 1pm to 4pm (or 5pm). During good weather, practices are held across the street from Morton Hall, in the area that is known as “South Beach” by the students. During inclement, weather practices are held in Morton 201.

Summer Activities

During the summer months…

When Ohio University is on their summer schedule, we move our meetings out to Richland Avenue Park.

Our Summer meetings are held weekly (weather permitting) at 7 pm Tuesday nights, except for the weeks of Pennsic.

Craft Nights generally go on hiatus as we do not have a room available during the summers. Non-electric crafts can be worked on in the park, if desired.

Fight practices are also held in the park, and have the additional practice held on Tuesday evenings before the regular meetings… generally starting about 6pm. The fighters then take a break for the business portion of the meeting then get back to practicing for as long as the light holds.

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