Armored & Rapier Combat

Armored Combat

Armored combatantsArmored combat is probably the single most visible activity in the SCA. With outdoor fighter practices or during local demonstrations, it commands attention. It is loud. Hearing rattan swords hitting wooden (or aluminum) shields can be startling, if you’re not ready for it.

Because it requires training in order to ensure the safety of the combatants and any onlookers, we can not allow completely untrained persons to don armor parts with the intention of engaging in mock combat. Anyone interested in participating in armored combat is welcome to attend our fighter practices. There you will be taught how to fight safely and learn about what armor will best suit you (we have loaner gear for this purpose).

Dernehealde’s fighter practices are held on Ohio University grounds during the school year, and at Southside Park during the summer months.

  • Practice information can be found on the main page
  • Map to regular fighter practice
  • Map to summer fighter practice

Rapier Combat

Rapier combat is also commonly referred to as “Fencing”. SCA Rapier combat is fought at full speed, with “live steel” (but with blunted tips). As such, it too requires training and practice to make sure that all combatants and any onlookers are safe. Dernehealde’s armored fighter practices often include rapier practice.

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