Welcome to the Shire of Dernehealde and the Society for Creative Anachronism!

The following professional video gives a glimpse at the allure the SCA has for so many of us.

We are thrilled to introduce you to Athens’ medieval and Renaissance history organization. We invite you to meet some of our participants, and learn about what we do and why we love being in this fascinating group. We will do our best not to overwhelm you, but please realize that a lot of us are fairly passionate about this, our favorite hobby.

If you are new to the Society (SCA), we recommend that you look through the Society’s Newcomer Portal, the link will open in a new tab/window. It does a great job of covering the various aspects of the types of activities that take place in the SCA. You can see photos, videos, and descriptions of all the fantastic and exciting activities that await you in this wonderful organization.

There are a few things you can do to help you ease into this particular pool (without jumping directly into the deep end):

  • Fill out and submit our Newcomer Information Form. This will help us get to know you a bit, and give us a way to keep in touch and let you know if there are any changes to our schedule (due to weather, meeting place/room scheduling conflicts, etc.);
  • Join us on our Facebook page (not required) for lively discussion (very informal and not our official means of communication);
  • Join us at our weekly meetings, held on Ohio University campus (during the school year). The meetings are on Wednesday nights, generally starting around 7:30 PM and are completely free. The meeting room will be announced at the beginning of each Semester on our home page.
  • Read the Newcomers’ Guide (.pdf) (opens in new a tab/window). This is a downloadable/view online document that can answer a lot of questions about the SCA in general.
  • Take a look at Newcomer’s Portal. It is the SCA’s Newcomer information portal (opens in a new tab/window)
  • Glossary of SCA Terms

If you have any questions about anything SCA related, our Chatelaine will be happy to answer your questions.

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