Archery & Thrown Weapons

Target ArchersTarget Archery

Archery has existed for hundreds of years and has influenced cultures all around the world, being used for hunting, sport, and war.

We invite you to participate in this ancient tradition!

Because of our historical interests we focus on archery as it was before 1600. This means using natural materials and medieval equipment, such as wooden arrows, longbows, horsebows, recurve bows, and crossbows.  We do not some modern archery equipment such as compound bows or modern style crossbows, in keeping with this historical focus.

Our current archery practices are held near the Ohio University campus. You can check the Archery Range Map for the current time and place of practices. We have loaner gear for anyone who wishes to participate but doesn’t have equipment.

Combat Archery

Combat archers are a boon to armored combatants in many battles. It is fun and demanding, and becomes more exciting as you get more involved and proficient in it. Combat Archery is an advanced heavy weapons style, requiring its own authorization, though training with a member of the Chivalry can allow a bypass authorization. There are probably more rules and regulations in combat archery than most of the other weapons styles, and combat archery has changed a lot since it began many years ago. Combat archers as highly encouraged to become familiar with the website The 35-Foot Spear, and the Middle Kingdom’s Combat Archery Handbook.

Thrown Weapons

When it comes to a martial activity, Thrown Weapons is the one that the most people can do. If you have at least one partially working arm then you can participate! Come learn to throw axes, knives, or spears in a safe, controlled environment.

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